A Photographer Films Frozen Soap Bubbles and the Results are Astonishing


Sherrill is a landscape and nature photographer from Ohio US. When the temperatures in Ohio reach freezing point, Sherrill creates soap bubbles and captures them while they freeze. The results are beautiful, and appears to be from another world.

Everyone seems to really enjoy the frozen bubbles. Thank you so much for the kind comments, likes, and follows. They are all very appreciated! Here are a few more (Swipe ➡) I'm sharing the first one just because I loved the leaf-like patterns. The second is a bubble after it's completely frozen, but before it cracks and collapses. The third was taken with my phone just to show that you can 😁 Editing Tip: selectively applying Clarity and Dehazing in PS (or Tonal Contrast in phone editing apps) to the patterns and adding a vignette helps bring out the detail. Sharpening helps too, but don't over do it 😊 #frozenbubble #frozenbubbles #macro_kings #macro_brilliance #macro_perfection #winterphotography #ohiowinter #igerscolumbus #ohiowinter #myohioadventure #naturalohio #ohioexplored #YourPopSci

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So I'd planned a Best Nine post for today, but having been featured on @CNN and their ABC affilates Friday kind of skewed the numbers 😁. A huge Thank You! to @andreadiazcnn for choosing my freezing bubble video! Also want to make sure @ratzlaff gets some credit. I use a modified version of his bubble recipe (it's on the bubble video post from Friday) found in the Jan. 2016 issue of Popular Science magazine – @popsci Thanks to all of you for making 2017 a wonderful year on IG. I have some exciting new projects already in the works for 2018. Finally, here are a few more frozen bubbles shot just after sunrise in 3°F (-16°C) weather to enjoy! ❄Happy New Year!❄ Photo Settings: ISO:100 f/11 50mm+16mm macro tube 1/10 sec #sonya6000 #sony1650mm #sonyphotogallery #frozenbubble #frozenbubbles #macro_kings #macro_brilliance #macro_perfection #ohiogram #igerscolumbus #ohiowinter #myohioadventure #naturalohio #ohioexplored #winterphotography #YourPopSci

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Northern Hemisphere To capture frozen bubbles you need bright back or side lighting, little to no wind, and temperatures in the high teens (about -8C). Morning golden hour is usually the best time. I use regular kid's bubble stuff thinned 25% with water and add about 1/2 teaspoon per cup (2ml per 200ml) of glycerin. You can find glycerin in most drug stores. You can use a bubble wand, but I find a straw easier. These were shot with a 50mm prime lens and a 16mm macro extension tube. The 1st is side lit and the 2nd and 3rd (swipe) are backlit. ISO:200 f/8 50mm 1/20 sec on tripod #sonya6000 #rokkor #sonyphotogallery #frozenbubbles #macro #bubbles #macro_kings #macro_brilliance #macro_delight #macro_drama #dof #dof_brilliance #vintagelens #frozenbubble #macro_perfection #loves_reflections

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If you want to try it by yourself, Sherrill shares his bubbles “recipes” and filming Technics in his website. Even if you don’t have all of the fancy camera gear, according to Sherrill you can take frozen bubble photos or videos with your smart phone.