Amazing Long Exposure Photos Of Hiking Roads

It is clear that long exposure photography is a technique that allows thousands of possibilities, such as light painting. But recreating a hiking path among the rocks and illustrating it through colorful LED lights, as Luke Rasmussen does in his series ‘Climbing Inspire’ is something quite new and original. 

The author calls his images “long exposure photography experiments” and says that climbing was always present in his life in Utah (USA), where he grew up, right next to the Colorado Mountains. One day, when he finally managed to climb his first (artificial) wall, he became so enthusiastic that he has been climbing all kinds of rocks for 16 years. 

His idea is to try to capture the passage of time in a photo by freezing the moment. He says that time is an accumulation of moments, a complex mixture of the past, present and future. What he creates is impossible to achieve with traditional photography.  

He uses LED lights that he controls with a remote to change the color every two seconds, and adds his finishing touches in Photoshop. The results are outstanding and we hope to see more of his work!