Artist Uses Double Exposure Photography To Create Unbelievable Photos

Meet Mathieu from Paris who merges two worlds into one using double exposure photography. He has been practicing digital double exposure for over three months now but he is already an expert judging from his work. He is also an experimental photographer and filmmaker.

According to Mathieu, he spends three to four hours to make one double exposure creation. He loves to work with various natural objects with a lot of details. He also tries to make each photo different from each other. The fact that each photo has its own personality makes his work unique and exciting.

Mathieu has always loved double exposure portraits and think it adds a certain edge and uniqueness that turn a plain photo into something different and special. A plain photo is easily turned magical and unbelievable – perfect for anyone’s imagination.

Scroll down to see his amazing work.

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Phoenix 🔥 I realised by speaking with some friends that all i ever wanted since i started to create images was to modify reality. It's clear now that if i used weird lenses and vintage ones it was only to transform and modify reality, the light and the shapes. It also explains why i don't like to do " real photography" like street photo, weddings, documentary and reports … it's just too real for me, it's not taking me to new worlds, new possibilities. Working on those multiple exposures projects helps me understand that the " photographic " part of my work doesn't have to stop after the color grading, and that i have the right to experiment even if i am not sure of the final result. This image was shot with a model in front of a Led Light pannel to get a back light, she is holding an Emu egg in front of her. A7II camera + Vintage canon FD 35mm f2.8 and Iphone 8 Shots for the lava stone. I then mixed her skin with some lava rock i found in the Azores islands, and some Lava images i took from Unsplash. Should i work more in this direction ? should i create creatures and tell a weird story ? let me know if you like this. _____________ I use multiple images and edit them in @photoshop Lava Stock images used from @unsplash " _____________ #digitalart #photomanipulation #art_daily#Portraitphotography #Ps_Glow #photoshop #learnphotoshop #awesome_surreal #enter_imagination#visualsgang #digitalillustration #parisienne #portraitphotography #portraitmood #quietthechaos #igersparis #doubleexposure #multipleexposure #creartmood @[email protected]

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