Brian Skerry Will Show You The Heart Of The Ocean

Brian Skerry has over half a million Instagram followers. You need a good reason to have the population of a small country follow you on social media, and Skerry certainly has one. He is, without a doubt, one of the most popular wildlife photographers on social media.  

A wildlife photojournalist for National Geographic, he is an expert in marine wildlife and underwater environments. From the tropical reefs of the Indian Ocean to the freezing waters below the polar ice, Skerry has dedicated more than 10,000 hours photographing amazing underwater scenes all over the world. He has seen it all, and his profile gives us a feeling as if we are there on the ice with him. His photos are so vivid that they will make you wonder whether you’re looking at a painting or something that exists in real life. 

Brian swims with sharks, communicates with dolphins, cuddles with sea lions, shares wisdom with ancient turtles and uses Instagram to show us how mysterious the depths of the ocean are. Besides being an amazing photographer, Brian also uses his influence to raise awareness of climate change and the dangers of plastic for the biodiversity on our planet, especially in the oceans.