Chris Dorley-Brown Tells the Story of East London Through Composites

Image by @chrisdorleybrown / Instagram

Photographer and archivist Chris Dorley-Brown has lived in East London for over 30 years. After photographing the city for several decades and publishing three books on the subject, the artist is back with a new book called The Corners, which focuses on the street corners of neighborhoods east of the capital.

For this book, the photographer did not limit himself just to immortalizing the life of the neighborhoods. He decided to set up a process of multiple exposure to be able to superimpose the images of the same place: this way the light is controlled better and the artist can further explore the narrative potential of each place.

Through his different images, Chris Dorley-Brown creates surreal and imaginary scenes. Regardless of the fact that these photos consist of multiple expositions, they still testify to the life of the neighborhood. The artist shares his vision of East London, between hectic streets and passers-by. His shots of street intersections are surprisingly soothing and look like a movie, providing a nice visual walk through the streets of East London.