Coffee Cups Around The World

Can you even manage without a morning cup of coffee? Nope, neither can we and apparently neither can Henry Hargreavas, the photographer behind ‘Coffee cups around the world.’

Henry seems to like coffee and coffee cups so much that he is determined to get a shot of coffee cup from each country in the world, and if possible, from every city. Born and raised in New Zealand, photography has always been a hobby of his, but never his primary goal. However, he soon realized how good he is with it and that he should pursue this career. 

The project ‘Coffee cups around the world’ came to him because he found it quite fun as it’s literally the same concept in so many different and creative ways. Now that he has traveled so much, he’s asking his fans to help him get even more shoots by accepting submissions on his IG page. He likes his pictures sharp and straight to the point. He likes one-dimensional shoots that have a lot to say and his shoots are just what you’d expect them to be – the perfect cups of coffee!  

This and several other projects were enough to send Henry all over the world from the USA, to Europe and beyond. It seems like everyone wanted to see what Henry had to show them.