Delicately Embroidered Photos Show a World of Sweetness and Intimacy

Image via alinebrant/Instagram

Brazilian photographer Aline Brant tries to evoke through her images themes that are dear to her heart, such as intimacy, everyday life or femininity. Often marveling at simple details, the artist considers photography as an emotional language, a way of capturing the world around her. For this purpose, she creates aesthetic compositions that mix embroidery and photography.

At first, Aline Brant shoots models with a film camera, in natural light, and then adorns her images with colorful embroidery. Flowers, green plants or the movement of the wind come to dress her shots, offering a second level of meaning to the viewer. Her sweet and poetic images are a way for the photographer to pay tribute to a woman who inspires her: Clarissa Pinkola Estés, American storyteller, writer, and psychoanalyst. Aline Brant’s images have even been described as “visual parallel to the literary work” of the author.

Handling both the camera and the needle, this complete artist delivers an inspiring, graceful and colorful work.

Fotografia Bordada Aline Brant, 2017 #embroidery #alinebrant #fotobordada

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Fotografia e Bordado Aline Brant, 2018

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