Dino Kužnik’s Photographs Are An Exploration of Solitude

Dino Kužnik’s Instagram bio reads: “Wandering around with pockets full of film.” Indeed, there’s a sense of wandering in the New York-based photographer and graphic designer’s works. His scenes, out of place out of time, are aesthetically unique, with an emphasis on color and composition.

His scenes are almost always empty from other people, making for an eerie, uncomfortable effect that is juxtaposed with the pastel hue of his photographs. Experienced as a journalistic photographer and retoucher, he now mostly focuses on a documentation of the American landscape, whilst experimenting with different techniques.

“I make a living as a graphic designer in a tech company and I chip in a bit as a photographer,” Kužnik shared with Gobe Magazine. “Strongly considering moving into photography full-time. I am currently working on realising that dream.”

“I usually go on solo road trips and totally disconnect from my life in New York,” he added. “But this is something that has an amazingly therapeutic effect on me. The solitude and immersion into the environment focus my mind and I become really observant. I just feel this authentic connection… nothing is superficial, pollical or fake. I like to think that my photos are the projection of my inner peace and the state of mind that I am at the time of making them. The photos aren’t just an observation of my surroundings, they are also a projection of self. There is a lot of me in there. So in short, what I most love is the process.”

Take a look at some of his striking photographs.

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