Julia Carlile’s Life Story Will Inspire You

All dancers are amazing, but some have stories that make their journey truly inspiring. Case in point: Julia Carlile, an English dancer with scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a physical condition that causes the spine to curve over time. It causes pain and discomfort and limits the range of motion. Carlile’s scoliosis is quite severe, but she hasn’t let that stop here. She loves dancing, and dances in a group called MerseyGirls – formerly known as Just Us.

Back in 2017, Carlile and her group participated in Britain’s Got Talent, and wowed the judges with their talent. That was also when Carlile revealed her difficult situation – her condition was getting worse, and soon she wouldn’t be able to dance. The only surgery available to her in Britain would help with her condition, but will also prevent her from dancing again.

Then, something amazing happened. Simon Cowell, the notoriously frightful judge of the show, was so moved by her story, that he decided to pay for Carlile to go to the US and get a more advanced surgery that would allow her to keep dancing!

Thanks to Cowell’s help, Carlile was able to get the surgery that would allow her to keep dancing. And she has been dancing ever since, with her dance group featured in BGT: Champions in 2019.

Carlile’s story is an inspiration to anybody who’s had to overcome hardship to get to where they wanted, but it’s also a story about the power of kindness and generosity.