Kilian Schönberger’s Magnificent Search for the Most Beautiful Forests

Image via kilianschoenberger/Instagram

German photographer Kilian Schönberger visited nearly 100 forests in Central Europe in the search for the most beautiful forests and trees for his series The Secret Beauty of Trees.

Schönberger is known for his timeless images of nature and old buildings. He travels through countries such as Germany, Poland, Austria, and the Czech Republic. He is especially fascinated by fog, strange shapes, and the morning light – and trees and forests, of course.

According to the photographer, the forest is the ideal place to relax and escape the hasty world full of technology. A walk of a few hundred meters is often enough to end up in a totally different world. With every step, the sounds of cars and people become more muffled.

Nevertheless, traces of human activity can still be found deep in the forest. Forests have been used by people for centuries, especially in the times before mass farming. Kilian Schönberger has challenged himself to discover traces from those times – and to show the raw and wild beauty of nature.

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My IG story so far… So finally the desired 100k – some time to look back at my IG activities. I was quite late to the train since at first I underestimated the power of this former more or less phone camera only app. It took time till autumn 2014 when I started posting seriously on a regular basis. Next mistake followed immediatelly, instagram was different to the classic landscape photographer communities: Very first activity on my fresh account was to post and maybe introduce Rakotzbrücke to IG back then – without fitting hashtags. Would have been a better idea to wait for this posting till I had understood how IG works. If you find the holy location grail first learn how to use it for growth. Important rule. Some months later IG was full with circle bridges. Classics. I missed the hype train second time. Circle bridges with people walking over though there were signs that pointed out that the filigran structure wasn't made for walking. Not sure how the place will look after the current renovation. The experience that for many users the personal shot and reach was or is much more important than cultural or natural heritage made IG to a place I didnt enjoy too much. Still today in my opinion no shot justifies the risk of destruction or damage of natural or historical heritage. So my account was a rather introverted existence on the app for quite a long time. Till the day one year ago when @felixinden introduced me to some frolic old pals, communication fun came back and so my activity on the app. Second birth for my IG self. Thx buddy it's your fault I m still around today. And still hoping to meet many of you first time or again sooner or later. Keep all up your good work. Thanks for the support. Life is a circle. #fogpants #rural_love #diewocheaufinstagram #awesomedreamplaces #fantastic_earth #earthofficial #awesomeglobe #exploretocreate #vzcomood #awesome_earthpix #majestic_earth #wonderfulglobe #modernoutdoors #theweekoninstagram #neuehorizonte #weroamgermany #theoutbound #wildlifeplanet #discoverearth #tentree #earthfocus #tree_magic #tree_brilliance #divine_forest #rsa_fog #tv_foggy #roamtheplanet #rural_love #folkscenery #greatnorthcollective

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