Matthew Lloyd’s Photographs Remind of Oil Paintings

English photographer Matthew Lloyd specializes in natural reportage and environmental portraiture. Based in Harrogate, he works as a commercial and editorial photographer for noted publications such as Bloomberg, The Guardian, and Sunday Times Magazine.

His big break came after winning The Times’ Young Photographer of the Year competition which involved a six-month placement in London. “While I was there I was told to forget everything I’d learned on my first job and to just go take good pictures,” he told Lecture in Progress. “After my six months there, I carried on working freelance for the paper for many years in London, alongside other media organizations such as Getty Images and Bloomberg.”

His stunning portraits that often remind of oil paintings are shared on his Instagram page, where he has gathered a small following. “I will shoot anything from people to cars to still life, if the quality is equally good and it can all be tied together stylistically you give yourself so much more appeal than being stuck in one box,” he explained.

“The most enjoyable aspect is the variety of work and the work-life balance. The least enjoyable is going out to market yourself, and the unpredictable nature of being self-employed,” he concluded.

Take a look at some of his striking photographs in the gallery below.