Nightshift: Tales of Nightlife in Shanghai

Nightshift is a photographic project by Florian Mueller that tells the other face of Shanghai, a city that lives at night.

The photographer has based his project entirely on the nightlife in the Chinese city, in particular the one concerning the kiosks and stalls open until late at night. Like many projects, that of Florian was born by chance, while he was wandering the streets of the city and came across these mysterious shops that have fascinated him to such an extent as to decide to do an entire project dedicated to them.

In fact, this “night reality” displays a quite different image of Shanghai, able to create a suggestive atmosphere made of lights emanating from after-hours stalls, colors and people who live at night. Flowers, drinks, cell phone cases and ripe citrus fruits are just some of the illuminated objects that appear in Florian’s work. You can see some of the most impressive Nightshift photographs by Florian below.