Photo Collages Show Dog’s Life through Animal’s Prized Possessions

Image via aliciariusphoto/Instagram

Have you ever wondered what defines your dog? What would he be like in other circumstances? Do you really know his or her unique personality?

The things your dog has most often in its mouth probably can tell you a lot about it. Animal photographer Alicia Rius chose to show the life and map the emotions of various breeds of dogs using their most beloved, most used or most needed belongings. In order to achieve this, she let the dogs do what they love during the photoshoot.

The items that shape the pet’s daily routine, things the dog carries, keeps, and even eats – provide us with a way to look deep into their hearts and minds, says Rius. She believes those dog’s possessions display both their happiness and vulnerability and help people read their feelings hidden in the look of the dog’s photo next to the toys, accessories, food and sometimes even awards they love and prize so much.

Get to know those lovely pooches below: