Photographer Takes Photos of Toys and The Outcome is Epic

Meet Jared Middleton a photographer who uses toys as his models. The most unique thing about his work is – the photos he takes are so amazing and realistic that it’s impossible to believe they’re just staged with lifeless figures.

He has to apply a lot of creativity and effort to take photos like these, and everything happening behind the camera is less exciting and interesting. Jared uses real water and fire in his pictures along with many other tools like wires to make them stand in the right position.

Jared must be a big fan of Star Wars movies because he usually uses figurines of Star Wars characters. However, sometimes his work includes a mix of other toys like Pokémon characters.

He shares behind-the-scenes videos to show the process of a typical photo shoot. Many of his followers are inspired by his work and have become toy photographers themselves. They’re learning from him and he is happy to give advice and share some tips on toy photography.

Check out his work below.