Photographer Uses Ultraviolet Photography to Show Effects Of Environment on the Skin

When Pierre-Louis Ferrer started taking pictures back in 2006, he didn’t know what an exciting journey was awaiting him. In 2012, he began to learn about infrared photography which allowed him to extend the spectrum of his photographs to a world invisible to the naked eye.

“I am experimenting a lot with this poorly documented technique. I offer an alternative vision of my environment, borrowed from fantasy and mystery,” says the photographer.

Pierre has been working on UV shooting techniques that can be applied to people to reveal the impact of environment left on their skins. For over three years, he has dedicated himself to complete his own photography projects after quitting his job as an engineer.

The photographer says BRUT (RAW) is a photography project compromising of twenty photographs divided into ten diptychs (a painting or carving on two panels hinged like a book). The main goal of the series is to illustrate the raw character of the human being, made possible by the technique of ultraviolet photography.

Check out his amazing work.