Sam Jacob Wants You to “Sea” The Impact Plastic Has on Our Oceans

Sam Jacob founded the Sam Jacob Studio for Architecture and Design in 2014 and it quickly caught the public’s eye with its innovative and environmentally-conscious projects. Jacob’s latest project is called Sea Things and it’s all about the dangers plastics introduces to the ocean.

The project, proudly displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, is a suspended cube of impressive proportions. Projected onto the cube is an animation detailing the evolution of plastics, from its invention back in 1907 all the way up to what we expect will happen in 2050.

Jacob was inspired to create this project when he heard predictions that by 2050 there will be more plastics in the oceans than fish. “You come across statistics like that and they’re on the one hand terrifying and on the other, mind blowing,” he said to techworld. “Then on another hand, they’re really abstract. It’s like: how are we supposed to respond to that?”

“With the animation, we’re compressing that time period into three minutes. It starts with marine life and then, by the end, it’s like 50 percent plastic waste,” he continued. “It’s trying to turn that data into something which you could get a much more emotional response to.”

Alongside the cube, the project includes a series of replicas of the museum’s ancient water containers. The catch? They’re made of recycled plastics. Perhaps this is Jacob’s way of hinting at a possible solution to this very disturbing problem that lurks in our seas.