Spectacular Photos Of Abandoned Places Reclaimed By Nature

Even though a lot of people are fighting to save and preserve nature, there are still many who transform it irretrievably for their selfish purposes. By destroying forests and riverbanks to create buildings, we’re also destroying natural habitats and the general order of things in the wild. But nature is stronger than humans and it can recover fast enough in unexpected ways, taking over and reshaping entire areas of the human world.

Romain Thiery is a young photographer who travelled around Europe for ten years in an attempt to document heritage buildings that were abandoned long time ago. The French artist made an impressive photo series that shows how nature can reclaim even modern buildings with little effort. Following in his mother’s footsteps, the 30-year-old photographer started showing interest in heritage photography early in his career. He began by taking photos of old pianos, then turned to making photographic documentation of entire abandoned buildings taken over by nature.

His series of photographs witness how nature dominates not-so-old buildings and turns them into fairytale places that look like a portal to another world. They are gentle reminder that we need to collaborate with nature instead of trying to defeat it, and sometimes, all we need is to stop and enjoy the magic!