Stunning Close-Ups Of Dangerous Wild Animals By Graeme Purdy

Photographing wild animals is a very demanding discipline which requires adequate preparation and a lot of patience, especially if the goal is to capture portraits of species as dangerous as lions or gorillas. But photographer Graeme Purdy finds them beyond fascinating, so she made a photobook called “Eight Feet” that includes 30 really close-up shots of elephants, buffalos, gorillas, lions and leopards, called. 

This professional wildlife photographer achieved a high level of closeness with the animals through the use of a radio-controlled all-terrain vehicle on which the camera was mounted, which he controlled from a distance. That way he was able to get close enough, although it was not an easy process at all. 

In fact, both the car and the camera suffered several mishaps, since it was difficult for the animals to feel comfortable around the strange object. However, thanks to his patience, they eventually gathered confidence and the result is a series of very intimate portraits of some of the most dangerous animals in the world. 

Purdy is also an advocate for the welfare and conservation of wild animals and the money she earns from the book go to National Park Rescue, a charity that helps protect African wildlife. 

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‘Dog Show’ Black Backed Jackal. This was one of the most humorous shooting I’ve ever done. I find a hippo walking around and optimistically start setting up my remote camera. I excitedly choose the right prime lens for the job accompanied by what I thought the right camera settings would be and right camera angle. Then set my camera out from behind comes running a jackal. I’m not used to such intense curiosity from any wild animal. The jackal has just chased off another jackal and had a den about 200m away. Obviously concerned there might be a new intruder can come to inspect. Jackals are cheeky little fella’s. In perpetual motion and always zipping around. So there I was prepared to shoot a one tonne hippo and out of the blue I had a 5kg jackal posing for my camera. Despite being cheeky jackals are very cautious, too small to fight off other predators they rely on speed and guile… and here I had this chap sniffing my camera from 6 inches. This lasted about 5 mins until the jackal realised I was no threat and his curiosity diminished. So it was time to try the even more challenging hippo… could I get close to him. Not at all. The hippo was back in the water before I could get within 60 metres of him. Awe well, I have this image to make me smile. – – – #jackal #blackbackedjackal #dog #groundlevel #wildlifephotographic #safari #safaris #masaimara #kenya #bnwportrait #bnw_portrait #blackandwhitephoto #blackandwhitephotography #monochromephoto #fineartphoto #naturelovers #wildlifephotography #beautyinnature #blackandwhitephoto m #fineartphotography #wildlifephoto #animalportrait #theboss #a7r3 #sonyalphaanimalportrait #uk_ilc

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