Stunning Inception-Style Distorted Landscapes

Image via aydinbuyuktas/Instagram

Aydın Büyüktaş is a talented photographer from Ankara, Turkey, who has acquired quite a recognition for many years in the art of special effects, video, and 3D animation. He created two projects called Flatland and Flatland II that rely on the principle of bringing up geometric forms and distorting the reality.

For this purpose, Büyüktaş photographs landscapes in an aerial view with a drone, and then, by assembling two or more photos, he tries to break the perspective and gives his creations an effect of transformation not dissimilar to a scene in the movie Inception where Paris is distorted.

His message is that people live in places that usually do not attract their attention, places that memory has transformed. When artists give them another dimension, our perceptions will be destroyed and new ones will be born.

You can see some of his stunning photo-composite landscapes below.