The Beauty of the Marine World Captured Above and Below Sea Surface in One Photo

German photographer Tobias Friedrich became amazed by the oceans and sea world after watching documentaries and videos from iconic underwater explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau as a young kid. Being a frequent diver later in his life, Friedrich had an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the oceans first hand and was eventually prompted to share some of it with others.

Friedrich purchased an underwater DSLR camera in 2007 and started taking photos of the breathtaking marine scenery. Since then, his works were published in prestigious scuba diving magazines around the world, while he also earned more than 50 awards for his underwater photography.

While all of his works are impressive, Friedrich is most recognizable for his SPLIT series in which he captures the marine world from above and below the sea surface in one photo. This technique results in photographs that are not just amazing to look at but also allow the viewer to experience scenery that they would otherwise miss out on. 

Check out some of Friedrich’s works below.