The Charms Of Everyday Paris Through The Lens Of Hannibal Renberg

The magic of black and white photography is that it instantly takes you back in time and fills you up with emotional memories. Using this effect to its full advantage, Hannibal Renberg travels around Paris and captures fleeting moments and spontaneous street scenes. And the pictures Hannibal takes will give you a nostalgia for a time you’ve never known and a place you’ve never visited before.  

What’s different about Hannibal is that he takes his pictures using only his iPhone. He started with iPhone photography back in 2013 and hasn’t changed his method since. There’s something about photographing with an iPhone, he says, that adds that extra charm to his photos.  

As seen through Hannibal’s lens, the most romantic city in the world will make even the darkest of hearts melt just a little bit. His pictures are raw and spontaneous, there is no posing, make-up or Photoshop here. What you get is what you see, and what you see in his photos is much more than the glitz and glamour of Paris – here you also get the dark side, the struggle of the less fortune, poor and the lonely. And the ability to bring this duality to life is what really sets Hannibal’s photographic eye apart.