The Incredible Nature Photographs of Daniel Kordan

Image via danielkordan/Instagram

Long exposure photography allows you to capture the movement of the stars in the sky as if they were circular psychedelic lines revolving around an eye. This technique of capturing the so-called star trails has been mastered perfectly by the Russian photographer Daniel Kordan, who has gained notoriety on the Web for his space photos. His photos include stars reflected in salt mirrors, the Milky Way in epic locations, and many other magnificent views.

The Russian photographer uses wide-angle lenses for his time-lapses and the PhotoPills app to predict the positions of the stars. He shoots also other impressive natural phenomena such as aurora borealis, glaciers and landscapes. His latest project focuses on photographing star trails over the Namib desert. Over the famous skeletons of Deadvlei trees, multicolored bands of astral light fill the sky and blend the wonders of nature into a stunning view.

Kordan studied quantum physics in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology but began traveling and shooting interesting locations as a member of university’s mountaineering club, and found out this was what he wanted to do for a living. A decisive part of his road into travel photography was played by Instagram, which turned him into one of the influential figures in the landscape photography world.

Kordan says he’s not doing this for money. He believes in taking a good picture, and then considering if it brings him income, fame, and success.