These Photos Capture the Irony and Frustrations of Modern Life

The photos of Octavi Serra have a well-defined goal: to shed light on the problems and contradictions of our lives. With irony and masterful optical illusions, the Barcelona photographer deals with the issues of surveillance, greed, corruption, the destruction of the environment, technology, consumerism and selfishness.

The symbol of Nike attracts us like a delicious donut. A clock that instead of hours has the writing work and criticizes our obsessive dedication to work around the clock.

Octavi’s camera sheds light on all aspects of our society that we have not chosen but have been imposed on. To avert the risk of becoming automatons, according to the artist we should strive as much as possible to change this world.

Simplicity and few elements are the hallmarks of his photographs taken on the outside and inside. Thanks to these characteristics the message is always very clear and always comes straight to the point.¢