The Public and the Private Personas of Celebrities

Image by @andrewhwalker / Instagram

Bored by the set-up of conventional festival photograph booths, Andrew H. Walker adopted an unorthodox strategy to VIP portraiture at Toronto Film Festival. Walker approached some of the stars and celebrities with the request to pose for a series investigating the public and private image of the A-listers.

His arrangement brought 51 world-known performers in front of the camera — a few Golden Globe nominees among them— who willingly shared their “private” side for the double photo feature.

Of course, the celebrities and movie stars are exceptionally guarded about their images, but nearly all of them were eager and inspired, and the reactions of the public to the project have been overwhelmingly positive. Still, no descriptions are given on what part of the photos is the public and what is the private one.

Walker says even he got the acclaim of a world-know movie director: after posing for the picture, Oliver Stone came around to check what he looked like on the photo, and complimented the photographer for the great lighting.

You can check out some of the diptychs below.