The Whimsical, Exuberant and Queer Photographic World of Alessandro Merlo

From an early age, Alessandro Merlo felt the need to escape from reality by creating his own imaginary world. During his school years, he was harassed by other children every day, who considered him too feminine, too colorful, too flamboyant… That’s how he immersed himself intensely in photography.

According to him, his relationship to photography is the fruit of one of the mysterious surprises of fate. His uncle, who died years before his birth, was a photographer. Alessandro grew up with his photos and stories of her aunt never having managed to rebuild her life. One day, without warning, she sent him the old but intact SLR of her late husband. Extremely moved by the gesture, Alessandro says he stubbornly continued to master the device for weeks.

From then on, he never stopped producing his unique imagery, making sure that it was as unusual as possible. At the age of 17, driven by his passion and ambition, he left Northern Italy, his family and friends to conquer London and fulfill his dream of becoming a photographer.

Fascinated by the mystery of destiny and the multitude of paths that life makes us take, the artist gives a primordial place to the infinity of the details that make an image unique, just like a life trajectory. For him, chance does not exist, everything makes sense with time and that is why his life and his work are full of intensity.

Self-expression without barriers is also the driving force behind its creation. Having suffered a lot from being different during his childhood, it was essential for the artist that he became to advocate the freedom to be oneself and with as much eccentricity as possible. His unique images are overflow with rich color and emotion.