‘Yes Man’ Theory Made This Couple Shoot The Most Breathtaking Places

Image by @howfarfromhome / Instagram

Two former agency creatives from South Africa decided to leave the daily rat race of their career, and have dedicated themselves to locating and making photos in the most unique places.

Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger met on a blind date in 2010, and started traveling around the world while sharing the jaw-dropping views from their journey on Instagram through The How Far From Home project.

What stayed behind the curtain in those photos are the thing they were forced to do to make their dream come true and to come by: scrubbing toilets, scooping dog droppings, shoveling rocks, polishing wine glasses and many other unglamourous jobs in exchange for food and accomodation.

The couple say they appreciate and miss the luxuries at home but they still are having the time of their lives despite not all being ‘ice creams in the sun and pretty landscapes’. The formula of making it happen for them was one per cent of hard labor in exchange for 99 per cent of bliss which they consider a fair trade.

🔻🔸Holi Festival Series Part I🔸🔻 Jaipur // India Something very different for us, but rightfully so. We simply had to showcase this portrait (and Steve’s one coming soon as part 2 of the series) to share the raw elation of the most colourful festival in the world 🙌 No matter how much lotion you put on your skin, and how many liters of coconut oil you run through your hair, you are simply not prepared for the dozens of strangers who will excitedly toss, rub, and blow coloured powder all over you. It was magical, and broke down all possible barriers as we danced and celebrated the conquering of good over evil. To everyone that celebrated: #HappyHoli!! —————————————————- This #DestinationDiscoveries was done in partnership with @theluxurycollection and @itchotels. Massive thanks to Gagan, Ramakant, and the rest of @itcrajputana for coping with our colourful selves during and after the festival 😍🙏 —————————————————- #howfarfromhome #theluxurycollection #holi #holifestival #india #jaipur #namaste #ad

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Alta // Norway Ticking this off #TheGlobalWanderlist was absolutely incredible, and already such a highlight for 2018. If you watched our InstaStories last week, you would have heard @ChanelCartell squeal when we first saw them. We honestly didn’t know how fast they moved, and within a few minutes, they had almost disappeared, which made photographing them super tough. What we did get, we managed to composite with another shot, so we hope you like the finished product! —————————————————- Thanks to @frubellika & @stefanbellika for taking us Northern Light hunting. It was magical and super special to share our first viewing with you guys 🙏🙌 —————————————————- #howfarfromhome #northernlights #norway #alta #arcticcircle #travel

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Jaipur // India Ever since we saw @anniset and @drcuerda’s #WHPperfectpair submission late last year, we’ve been inspired to try a colour-blocked geometric couple shot…and then we stumbled across this ancient step-well from the 9th Century, and BOOM 🙌 Opportune time for such a shot. What do you guys think?? #whp🦄 —————————————————- For those that know already, we tweaked the colour of the step-well to this pretty hue of pink. We’ll be sharing another post soon with the real shade 😉 #wediditforart #inspirationleadstoexperimentation —————————————————- #howfarfromhome #destinationdiscoveries #theluxurycollection #jaipur #india #pannameenakakund

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