This Photographer Immortalizes Pianos in Abandoned Houses

Image by @romainthiery / Instagram

Romain Thiery is a professional photographer and pianist who is specialized in urbex genre. Since 2009 he travels throughout whole Europe in search of abandoned buildings. As a passionate musician, Romain combines the two artistic worlds that are close to his heart: photography of abandoned places and pianos.

To shoot his Requiem for Pianos series, Thiery has explored several countries including France, Italy, Belgium and Poland. Through his images, the musical notes of these abandoned pianos reason again in these buildings in ruins, giving free rein to our imagination.

His aim is to capture both the spirit and image of the musical instrument that is lying there forgotten, that further thicken the mystery of the abandoned places. The pianos in those images are dented, sometimes almost dismembered, but even in this condition they look imposing – as a symbol of past grace, luxury and the novelty which at the time reigned in those houses.