This Woman Proved That A Bicycle Can Take You Anywhere


Belén, a Spanish cyclist, shared her story about how she left her regular job and decided to start travelling on a bicycle.

Her journey began when she met Tristan and convinced her that a bicycle can take you anywhere you want. In April 2015, Tristan geared up for a European bike tour after previously crossed the United States from east to west coast for the Teenage Cancer Trust. After a year and a half on the road, he proved that cycling can be a way of travelling long distance.

Being an amateur cyclist, Belén encountered trials along the way but after four months of travelling together around Norway, she eventually enjoyed the experience.



Norwegians do know where to build their homes.

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We are 3 cycling days away from finishing our bike tour around Western Europe for this year. It’s been 6 months, 8 countries and close to 4000km. Most of the ride we owe to the tremendous support of @specialized_nlbe and @ortlieb_waterproof , as their products have made and saved this journey multiple times. Trying out the Sequoia has been a breeze (one chain cleaning session as the only maintenance) and the bags saved so much of our gear when our tent got flooded or when we got heavily rained on. What you see in the picture is everything we have needed and carried with us during half a year of travel. You don’t need that much at all! Are you considering you own bike tour in the near future? Write us if you have any questions!

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