Tristan Zhou’s Photography Shows the Beauty of Asian Cities in the Best Way

Photographer and filmmaker Tristan Zhou doesn’t live in Asia anymore, but it is the continent where he spent a major part of his life. He lived in Tokyo until he was 11 and then moved to Shanghai. After he finished the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Zhou moved to San Francisco and after that, he settled in Seattle.

He started his series of photos of Asian cities in order to show everyone how beautiful they can be.

“I really love the richness of culture in many Asian cities and also the human impact on many different things in Asia,” says Zhou, explaining why he started this project. “I also love our traditional architectures and religions even though I’m not religious. Many big Asian cities are over populated and it’s really interesting to see how people build their cities, like Hong Kong for example.”

To see his photos of Asian cities, scroll down.

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No.1 Here is my favorite shot from 2018. For the first time in my life, I had everything I needed for taking a long exposure shot during the day: a tripod, a ND filter, and a lens that I can put my filter on (I have many lenses and many filters, it’s way harder than you ever know to have the correct setup especially when I’m traveling). I’ve seen people taking photos of this place, but those angles were not good enough for me to press my shutter. I wanted a different perspective. So I looked around with my friend @slowyjz and tried to find a way to get the shot I wanted. For me, it’s not about how I tried hard to differentiate from others and take some “original” shots, but to get the shot that I’m happy with. Honestly, some people on this platform really need to admit that nothing is truly original nowadays. And stop talking shit about the same shot that other people took getting viral instead of his own shot. Taking photos makes me way happier than the photo itself. When I took this shot, I felt like I have cleared a difficult dungeon without looking for a guide online. And it felt good. • • • • • • • • • • • #Trystane|#SonyAlpha|#ArtOfVisuals|#MoodyGrams|#VisualAmbassadors|#BeautifulDestinations|#BeAlpha|#TravelAwesome|#NakedPlanet|#Voyaged|#TLPicks|#HypeBeast|#LensBible|#上海|#Streets_Vision|#StayandWander|#FatalFrames|#WeLivetoExplore|#EarthPix|#TravelStoke|#EarthOfficial|#DiscoverEarth|#GoExplore|#BBCtravel|#Shanghai|#ComplexPhotos|#HighSnobiety|#CreateScenery|#EarthFocus

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