Visual Artist Creates Surreal Photographs in her Bathtub

Gintare Bandinskaite is a Lithuanian-born visual artist based in Los Angeles.  She has always been driven to create thought-provoking pieces using non-traditional mediums.

The series “Miss Universe” consists of contemporary photographs that use both contrast and contradiction to explore female identity.

The focus of each photo is a serene female face in a dramatic mixture of color and shape. In the midst of the turbulence, she remains adamant, using her inner strength to power through pain and darkness and gets reborn blooming in full color.

Gintare creative process is out of the ordinary. She works in a bathroom filled with water and thin layers of paint are poured over moulding of a human head. The photograph is captured at the right moment when all the elements come together.

She then builds upon the image by digitally integrate her own facial features. Although reminiscent of a self-portrait, the face retains its signature vacant quality.

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