Why Not Both? Mom Photographs Daughters As Both Girly & Sporty

A lot of times we all face people’s expectations of us. Sometimes, people have tendency to divide into groups or categorize. Girls are often subjected to the division of being either the girly or sporty, and that’s what we’re talking about today.

Heather Mitchell is a photographer mom who had met some of these prejudices when she took her daughter to softball practice. While the photographer hoped that her daughter will grow to love sport, one of the other moms said that she was more of a girly girl, which made Heather ask herself – why does she have to choose? Why can’t she be both?

This inspired Heather who headed to her studio for a fantastic photo shoot in which she shows that her daughter doesn’t need to choose. She posted it on her personal Facebook and the responses she received were amazing! The shooting quickly went viral with over 200,000 shares! A lot of parents saluted this mom’s idea and commented that their very own daughters dress up while playing ball or put on lipstick while at a match.

Take a look.