3D Makeup Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

Optical illusions are very popular and will make you look twice in doubt because you know nothing is what it seems. But, this artist takes optical illusions to a completely new level by using his body as a canvas.

Luca Luce is an Italian makeup artist that uses the power of makeup to create astonishing 3-dimensional illusions on his own body. Luca has been working as a celebrity makeup artist for over 18 years and five years ago he decided to experiment with makeup in a very unusual way. He first started with creating optical illusions on his hands, and then transferred to his head and face as the main canvas for his artworks. By using makeup, he does not only highlight facial features, but he plays with colors and uses contouring to create looks that will confuse you and make you stare with disbelief.

He shares his art with over 254 followers on Instagram and the number keeps increasing as he surprises us with more of his genius works. How many eyes does he have, what is the thing that’s wrapped around his neck? Look at his photos and make your own conclusions.