84-Year-Old Man from Japan Becomes Instagram Model Thanks to His Grandson

Most people think that in order to become an Instagram model and influencer, you have to be in your twenties or thirties. Well, as it turns out, you can become a social media star at any age, and one grandpa from Japan is a living proof for that.

Tetsuya is a retired chemistry teacher who managed to become an Instagram model at the age of 84. His profile shows him wearing all sorts of interesting combinations that have managed to capture the attention of social media users in a short amount of time and got him huge online following. He proudly rocks everything from fancy suits to metal outfit and looks awesome doing it.

Everything started when Tetsuya’s grandson Naoya Kudo decided to visit his home in Akita Prefecture for a holiday. As he had lots of free time, he teamed up with his grandpa and did a photoshoot. The rest of the family was amazed by the results and which prompted Kudo to share some of the photos on Instagram.

Instagram ended up loving the stylish grandpa, and since then, his popularity only grew.

“It was quite a transformation to see my rural grandpa, who has no interest in fashion, in outfits he would never consider wearing on his own,” said Kudo in a recent interview. “However, things like my grandpa’s long johns and muscle pain patches he forgot to remove added a nice personal touch.”

Check out some of Tetsuya’s photos below.