A Celebration of Everyday Life: Marc Martin’s Captivating Illustrations

Illustrator and author Marc Martin captures the simple joys of everyday life, through his colorful and layered illustrations. A combination of hand-drawing, water coloring, and digital rendering, his work is a celebration of human spirit and nature, often featuring a hybrid between city life and natural settings.

“Most of my work starts with a quick sketch in Procreate,” Martin shared with The Jacky Winter Group, explaining the creative process that goes behind the scenes. “Then I draw everything in watercolor, take those drawings into Photoshop, and compose the final image using lots of layers. I draw as much as possible by hand, then scan it all in and compose the final image in Photoshop.”

Based in Melbourne, Australia, his illustrations have been featured in WiredThe Financial Review, and GQ, but he is mostly recognized for his illustration books. With five books under his belt, he has also won the Best Illustrated Picture Book category in The New York Times.

“It’s really important to dedicate time to personal work because that personal work can often turn into client work,” says Martin. “When I’m not doing client work, you can probably find me drawing in my sketchbook. I love trying to capture a scene or person with a few simple brushstrokes.”

His work is largely featured on his Instagram page, where he has amassed some 195,000 followers. Recent work includes an illustrated wall hanging of a Christmas tree—perfect for the holiday season. Scroll down to see more of his delightful creations.