Adam Puts Googly Eyes On Outdoor Objects to Make People Smile

Sometimes even the smallest things that we think are not so significant can put a smile on our faces, and make our day so much better. Take Adam, from gloomy Sweden, for example. This guy walks around his town Uppsala, with a pocket full of funny googly eyes that he places on outdoor objects.

Adam uses these funny stickers to transform mundane outdoor objects such as garbage bins, pipes, lamp posts and holes in walls into hilarious pieces that will make his fellow citizens smile. He started this interesting project in January 2017 and it didn’t take long for this story to go viral.

“Winter in Scandinavia will last for like six months. So I get bored and restless and decided to glue googly eyes to everything and all over my monochrome hometown. I think it’s called eyebombing. I hope you’ll like it,” the artist said about his project.

However, some people were not as thrilled with Adam’s activity and they named him “Googly Eye Vandal.” This creative man explained his intentions were not to vandalize his city.

“Before you get all upset over this, I actually never glue the eyes on statues. It’s just adhesives.”

Check out the photos to see Adam’s “eyebombing” project.