Adriana Manhattan Explores Everyday Situations in Her Relatable Comics

Everyone has a different way of dealing with everyday situations and challenges of modern life. However, it is great to get some perspective on how other people approach similar things. That is why Adriana Manhattan’s relatable comics are so great.

This London artist is known for her successful series of webcomics that explore all sorts of moments and circumstances people are facing every day. The characters in her works are trying to deal with the same love problems, school struggles, and life dilemmas as all of us in their own unique way. Sometimes they manage to do that, and other times they just hope for the best.

Because they are so relatable and simplistic, Manhattan’s comics have found a broad audience on social media. Her Instagram account has close to 17K followers, and the artist is trying to feed them with new comics whenever she can.

According to Manhattan, she sketches ideas in her free time and then proceeds to work those ideas into comics. The process usually takes her a few hours.

“Anytime I can lift my head from my work, and other responsibilities is the best time to draw comics, so I consider it a form of self-care,” she tells Bored Panda.

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