Aleksandar Dumic Documents Everday Life In Short Animations

Bosnian illustrator and animator Aleksandar Dumic makes aesthetically pleasing short animations, which he then shares on Instagram. Looping continuously, his animations focus on tiny, everyday moments: one man is seen cycling, another dribbling a soccer ball.

“Over time my style has evolved,” shared Dumic with Ballpit Magazine. “In the beginning, I used the details and textures to emphasize the story. As I started to deal with animation my illustrations have become simplified and more adapted to animation. Animation has enabled me to express myself in many ways. My style is a combination of smooth and flat shapes which are emphasized by the movement and wide range of colors.”

“Life itself is an Art,” says Dumic. “My mission is to record the moment and steal it from oblivion. Art helps us to perceive the unknown and to demystify taboos.”

“Everything starts when I lie down to sleep,” he adds, talking about his creative process. “I try to write down or sketch all the ideas that are rushing thru my mind. For the animation purposes I make storyboards which I later reproduce in a digital form. The script defines the style. Iā€™m using a wide range of colors to create illustrations. The crucial aspect of animation is timing and emphasizing the right moment.”

Check out some of our favorites below!