Alex Chinneck Creates Mind-Bending Urban Interventions in UK Cities

If you happened to walk around London, Sheffield, or some other city in the UK and see a twisted post box or an unzipped building, don’t be alarmed. You haven’t walked straight into some sci-fi movie, instead, you are witnessing a work of UK artist Alex Chinneck firsthand.

Chinneck is a talented individual whose favorite line of work is making mind-bending urban interventions. According to him, he likes to “playfully disrupt the world around us, igniting curiosity and sparking global interest.”

His primary intention is to change the way people looked at ordinary things that surround us and make them more exciting for passerby. Simply said, he wants to “transform ordinary into extraordinary.”

Chinneck’s most famous projects include twisted postboxes, upside-down parking spots, and knot-tied fire extinguishers. Check out some of them below.