Alex Steele Makes Unique Wearable Art

Some people create art for you to hang on your wall, others create art that is intended to be worn. Such are Alex Steele’s unique creations. Each of her pieces is part of a limited edition and has the artist’s hand involved from fabric dyeing to painting and printing.

Her dungarees, dresses, shoes and more, feature minimal designs and illustrations that (though minimal) stand out in the crowd. In addition to her wearable art, Steele is also a working muralist and photographer.

“I have a pretty extensive background in art, I went to multiple art schools from the 6th grade through college,” said the artist in an interview with Eat, Sleep, Denim. “Beyond college, I broadened my creative skills through visual merchandising, taxidermy, gallery installation, and museum diorama creation/installation.”

“I definitely consider myself a multidisciplinary artist, and I am always curious to learn more and experiment with new mediums,” she added. “I am currently involved with designing and creating my eponymous brand of clothing, jewelry, and home goods.”

Talking about her unique denim pieces she added: “I love denim! It is a staple item in my wardrobe, so naturally I was drawn toward ways to enhance it and make it more unique. Denim is also a great material for bleach painting on, since it is tough and durable. Plus, denim does not adhere to seasonal exclusivity, and can be worn with anything.”

Check out some of her creations in the gallery below. Do you have a favorite?

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