Amateur Baker Makes the Cutest Macarons You’ll Ever See

Katrina Moon is an amateur baker who makes the most adorable and colorful macarons in the world, that are just too cute to eat. We were in awe of Moon’s incredible skills and it’s so hard to believe that some who has no prior experience in baking can make something this good.  

As Katrina said in an interview with Bored Panda, her works feature a wide variety of adorable little monsters, animals, and other creatures.

“Making macarons is only a hobby, so I have no baking experience prior. I just started making macarons a year ago. The interesting part is how to pipe them neatly. My favorite part is decorating them since I get to add all of the adorable little details. Favorite character to make has to be Molang and Pusheen since I do make them a lot,” the baker said, adding that she loves to create and post her creations on Instagram, in order to make people smile.

Anyone who’s tried making macarons knows how tricky it to make these cookies, especially if you want them to look this good.

Take a look at Moon’s fabulous macarons in the photos below.