Amazingly Surreal Digital Art By Justin Peters

Today digital technology is undeniably the best tool for someone creative who wants to mash up images and turn them into something extraordinary. 

Since the summer of 2016, a young artist Justin Peters has been creating fascinating digital art, merging reality with his dreams with the help of Photoshop. And Peter’s photo manipulations are guaranteed to make you look twice. Inspired by YouTube tutorials, stock footage, and Pablo Picasso’s quote ‘’Everything you can imagine is real’’, he has quickly become a Photoshop self-taught expert and has already emerged as a talent to watch out for. 

From a boy sitting on the beach right next to a glowing moon and a jellyfish swimming in the sky to a whirling carnival rides above a volcano and a whale melding into the Milky Way, these images are far from just random combinations. His mix of unusual realistic and unrealistic images somehow is the perfect combination of elements to elicit emotions.  

‘’I hope that when people experience my work they will discover a new and different world, which they can dive into to prove that everything is possible when you open your mind,’’ he says. 

Immerse yourself in his surreal whimsical world in the gallery below.