Andy Goldsworthy’s Bold All-Natural Sculptures

Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, land artist and environmentalist known for his ephemeral works. The artist spent his childhood working on a farm, where his love and admiration for nature truly bloomed. 

His true passion for nature inspired him to create something unexpected and in many ways challenging to our eyes. He deeply feels the energy from nature and transcends that energy into a brilliant art form, using leaves, wood, colored flowers, icicles, stones, snow, twigs and thorns. All of his masterpieces are created with these seemingly ordinary natural objects that usually don’t grab anyone’s attention. The artist takes a series of pictures of all of his creations because he considers that his works, like any other part of nature, are destined to inevitable change over time. 

The forms he creates tell a story about our bond with nature and the powerful impact that bond has on us. Goldsworthy suggests that we could all benefit from it and that’s why we need to be more respectful towards nature. 

Andy Goldsworthy has received several awards and is the main protagonist in a 2001 documentary film called Rivers and Tides and a follow-up 2018 documentary called Leaning into the Wind, both by Thomas Riedelsheimer. 

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