Animated Stop-Motion Movie Shows How a Bird Sees the Exotic Pet Industry

Evan DeRushie, a stop-motion artist and movie director, created a short movie Birdlime in order to show how the exotic pet industry may look from the bird’s point of view. He was inspired to explore this topic after being introduced to the exotic pet industry on his trip to Thailand. 

In Birdlime, we see an animated bird in a cage and its journey after escaping the cage. DeRushie hand-crafted the characters and, combined with a bright color palette and gibberish sounds instead of dialogue, they tell a powerful story.

He figured out that animation is a tool that can change the way we see certain animals. “With this in mind, I tried to portray a respectful relationship between human and animal, and to treat the bird without too much anthropomorphism,” he said in a statement. “I also wanted the film to feel like you were in the cage with the main character, and to be a bit confused by the world.”

Click play below to watch the movie.