Artist Create “Secret Garden” With the Last Denim Made in USA

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The art installation made by British artist Ian Berry contains only one material, and it’s quite unusual.

Berry creates art solely from denim. His last project is named “Secret Garden,” and it represents a big installation made of a special kind of denim. “It was made out of the last denim that was made in the USA,” Berry said, “and now no more denim is made… I still can’t believe it!”

The idea behind this project came from closing the iconic American denim mill Cone Mills that stopped working after 112 years. See the pictures of the installation below.

“Secret Garden” is currently on display at the Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York until April 2018.

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These last few weeks have been amazing but I couldn't have done it without so many people! I'm so happy with the result and so grateful for the help! Thank you @alicetonello and @cioffi_nicola and all the team a @tonellosrl in Italy who have helped me so so much, with all their tech and to help laser and wash many of the hanging trellis. To Kara Nicholas at @conedenim who even through this tough month supplied the denim for me to create this. And not just any denim, a fitting denim for showing in America and from a brand with an unrivalled place in denim history. Big thanks to Tricia Carey for advice and contacts and much moral support @carvedinblue , NYC Factory, and @bpdwashhouse for the denim. To @andrewolah of @kingpins_show for helping me locate a laser machine at the last minute. To @sergio_wheel for the design and computer skills to help me work with the new tech I was using as well as Bettina @kongsgaardgin and Timmy Ho. To Jil Weinstock and all the team at the @cmainnyc for allowing this opportunity and the patience in waiting for 'another day' for the install to be ready. Big thanks to @hollyebrownart, Jennifer Steele-Payne and @dansper for their help in installing (yes.. I know there is one more..) To @erinkostudios for the intro to the museum, this is what is what its all about! @lucindagrange did a stunning job with both NY photos and the ones she did in Miami. I struggle so much to capture my work compared to what they really look like but a massive thanks for these. From the very beginning I am so grateful of the help of @patriciacathala florence cathala, Nathalie Esteves, and Louis and Albert from secours populaire – along with Chantal Dupont who helped make many of the plants in denim. Here in London I had @t_logan_h visit and make some flowers as well as @asalarsson85 A big thanks to @theheavyempty for all the help, connections and great after party at @west9thcollective and for @boonyeowson for performing. To @creative_textile_mastery for all the guidance and help and then of course to @christiner25 @godmothernyci who not only convinced me to take the opportunity helped me all along the way and has the blisters to prove it!

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