Artist Creates Delicate, Poetic Compositions Using a Single Piece of Paper

Kanako Abe is a papercutting artist born in Japan and currently living and working in San Francisco. Abe creates marvelous designs that, at first glance, seem like ink art, but soon you come to realize that it’s actually paper! The artist has been practicing this delicate art for the last 6 years, and she definitely is the master of the craft.  

Abe’s designs vary from floral motives to abstract art, each piece depicting the beauty of fragility. She cuts every piece by hand using an X-Acto knife on black paper. The final results are delicate silhouette-looking illustrations filled with complexity and details. Abe says that she doesn’t become impatient while cutting thin and complex lines and shapes. She rather meditates her everyday thoughts and emotions during the process.   

Most of her pieces are depicting motives from nature like animals, plants, or landscapes, while some of them are more surreal or abstract. She usually photographs her art and posts it on Instagram, where 8k people are supporting her work.   

Take a scroll down and dive into perfection of Abe’s perfect pieces of art that won’t leave you indifferent!