Artist Creates Modern Versions of Disney Princesses

Have you ever seen a modern princess? A Chilean artist, Fernanda Suarez, went viral after creating a modern versions of the Disney princesses.

Fernanda is a young and talented digital artist that loves using brushes and watercolor for her work. She is so good at what she does and whatever she paints comes out incredibly realistic.

She gets her inspiration from images of Disney princesses. With the help of computer technologies, she is able to create modern and bold images. It so amazing how she maintains each princess character by looking at them.

It isn’t easy to imagine these princesses living a 21st century life with modern jobs, so you’ll definitely be surprised by these pictures.

To paint each picture, it takes hours and even days. She has to take her time to put the necessary details for everything to come out perfect.

Her Instagram page has more than 200k followers who love and appreciate her work.

Scroll down to see her beautiful work.