Artist Creates Super Tiny Sculptures Carved on Pencil Leads

For ten years now, French artist Marie Cohydon has been creating sculptures under microscopes. She uses scalpel and all kinds of needles, from sewing needle to the finest acupuncture needle.

One of her works includes sculptures on pencil graphite leads which vary from 1 to 5 mm. “Graphite is a beautiful material that shines brightly when polished. It is this silver luster that I strive to obtain with each of my pieces using tools which I designed myself,” she wrote on Bored Panda.

Cohydon is very cautious not to break the sculptures when using the scalpel and she began the process with a precise design that evolves as she sculpts the material.

“At the top of these graphite leads, one realizes that the earth trembles, that the breath of the breath is a sirocco, that the heartbeats are cannon shots carried at the end of the finger.”

Her micro sculptures are the fruit of her artistic imagination and she allows her creativity to unfold many surprises the material entails. Check them out below.