Artist Draws Comics Showing It’s Okay If Your 20s Suck

“Being in your 20s sucks.”

That’s a phrase uttered by many millennial all over the globe, and for good reason — most of us were unprepared heading into the adult world and it doesn’t help that the economy is not in a good shape either.

Unless you came from money, or had a lucky break post-graduation, being 20s these days can suck.

By that, we mean, you face an ever-growing list of bills that your measly salary can’t seem to always cover, and you find yourself always having to compare yourself to other people, mostly because of how social media plays on our deepest and darkest insecurities.

But, that’s okay.

For starters, you’re not alone, and one artist took it upon herself to draw a series of illustrations that show that, even if your 20s suck, it’s okay and there’s some joy to be had from it.

Scroll down below to see Amanda Kay Baker’s work on something that many of today’s 20 somethings can relate to.