Artist Draws Minimalist Comics About Mental Health

Mental health is no joke, and it’s a shame that it took us, as a society, this long to recognize it as a threat to our well-being. It’s even more shameful when you realize that there remains a stigma surrounding mental health and how those with diagnosed mental health issues are often ostracized by society.

Luckily, artists such as Tim, otherwise known as iamsitting on Instagram, are helping shed light on this issue.

Using simple and minimalist comics, Tim is being brave sharing his mental health struggles over the past few years. This includes everything from his struggles with anxiety and depression, as well as anything else in between.

What’s even more amazing about what Tim is doing is that he is the first to claim that he was never an artist. But, because of his drive to share more about his mental health struggles, he’s since started drawing minimalist comics tackling other issues he constantly struggles against, such as his indecisiveness, insomnia, paranoia, and so on.

These types of content are important because it resonates with a society that’s become more attuned with their emotional selves.

If you want to see more of Tim’s work, be sure to scroll down below.