Artist Fuses Together Famous Cartoon Characters


If you grew up in the 90’s and had access to cable TV, you most likely know how hype-inducing this trump card of a movie from the animated cartoon series, Dragonball Z is.

The Fusion technique requires characters to perform a unique and hilarious dance, and if performed correctly, it allows two characters to fuse together to create an ultra-powerful being.

The show’s main characters use this to give themselves a better shot at taking on some of the show’s biggest baddies.

Case in point, Gotenks taking on Super Buu. Or, if you watched the movies, Goku and Vegeta fusing together to create Gogeta against Janemba.

One artist seems to have developed a taste for fusion. However, Linda Bouderbala isn’t just content with fusing together characters from Dragonball Z, because she’s drawing illustrations of fused characters from completely different universes and franchises.

The results? It’s best that you see them for yourself.